WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Real Flavors Super Concentrate Fruit Pebbles

This flavor comes to us from user suggestions. I can’t even tell you how many people sent us an email saying… “Delicious Rice Cereal with A Rainbow Of Fruity Flavors That Rock Your Mornings!”

Well, here you are! Very faithful to the famous brand out there with a solid milk base. We recommend you use this first as a stand alone flavor and tweak from there. Because it is a blend, you may need to go higher on the usage scale. (2.5%)

Specific Gravity: N/A Diacetyl: N/A
Flammability: N/A Acetoin: N/A
Water Soluble: N/A
Acetyl Propionyl: N/A
Origin: USA

Suggested Starting Use: 1%- 2.5%

Ingredients:Ethyl Alcohol, Vanillin, 1,3-Benzodioxole-5- Carboxaldehyde, Furfural, Pentane-2,3-Dione, D-Limonene, Alpha Pinene, Citral, 3-Ethoxy-4-Hydroxybenzaldehyde, 1,3-Benzodioxole-5-Carbaldehyde & 1,2-Propylene Glycol Storage: No heat or light




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