WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Real Flavors Super Concentrate Blueberry

Native to North America, blueberries come in second only to strawberries in terms of berry popularity. Ideal for pies, jellies, desserts, cereals, candies and more…the days of waiting for them to be in season are a thing of the past. Now you can enjoy the sweet, succulent taste of blueberries with our flavoring, any time of year.

Specific Gravity: 1.0336 Diacetyl: N/A
Flammability: 33 °C Acetoin: N/A
Water Soluble: Yes
Acetyl Propionyl: N/A
Origin: USA

Suggested Starting Use: 1%- 2.5%

Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Citric Acid & 2-Butanone, 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-  Storage: No heat or light


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