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NicSelect Pure Liquid Nicotine

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Nicotine River proudly stocks the NicSelect™ pure nicotine liquid product manufactured by Alchem International, a respected phytoceuticals company that produces NicSelect™ in a facility that is both FDA and USP certified. We are an authorized NicSelect™ distributor. For e-juice producers wondering where to buy liquid nicotine products and other materials for making flavored e-cig liquids, Nicotine River is an industry leader. Alchem International’s Nicotine USP/EP liquid is isolated from natural tobacco leaves by a series of extraction and purification stages specifically developed to give e-liquid manufacturers an all-natural (non-synthetic) and superior organic nicotine liquid. 

Strength: 1000mgNicotine Molecular Structure
Reach Number: 17-2120044620-68-0000
Origin: India
Kosher: Certified
Chemical Formula: C10H14N2
CAS#: 54-11-5
Purity: 100.1% - 100.5%
Color: Clear to Pale Yellow
EC Number: 200-193-3

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