WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Flavor West E-Caffeine

A real caffeine additive!

*Has been known to contain white crystals*

Mix in E-Caffeine to base at 5% to get a total volume of 10mg of caffeine. Add more % of E-Caffeine to achieve the desired caffeine level. Not to exceed a total volume of 80mg.

Specific Gravity: N/A Diacetyl: None
Flammability: N/A Acetoin: None
Water Soluble: Yes
Acetyl Propionyl: None
Origin: USA Suggested Starting Use: 2% - 3%
Ingredients: 100% Pure USP Kosher Grade Caffeine Powder liquified  & PG  Storage: No heat or light


Please note: This flavor contains active Caffeine ingredients and should be used with caution. No more than 500mg in a 24 hour period. Keep out the reach of children.



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