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NicSelect Nicotine Documentation

NicSelectAt Nicotine River LLC, we pride ourselves on being transparent and honest. In an Industry of uncertainty and false advertising we genuinely want to stand apart. It is our goal as a supplier to gain your loyalty and trust. Below are links to the MSDS sheets and certificates of analysis for all of our products. With everyone claiming to have the best prices and highest quality products on the market, how do you confidently choose your distributor? The key to keeping any healthy relationship alive is trust and that is exactly what we know we need to earn your loyalty. At Nicotine River LLC we strive to have a strong, working relationship with our clients. Your happiness is what makes us successful. Our pharmaceutical-grade products and manufacturing process ensures that we not only make you happy, but also meet your demands as a consumer. Whether you give us a call or come in to say hello, it is important for us to get to know you and for you to get to know Nicotine River. 

Nicotine River exclusively offers NicSelect™, a vaping-grade liquid nicotine originating from an FDA approved facility known as Alchem International. Did you know you can clearly taste the difference in the quality of nicotine? Quality impacts flavor. NicSelect™ is the most authentic and stable brand on the market today. It has a faint flavor with a gentle throat hit and blends well when mixed with other ingredients. NicSelect™ meets and surpasses US Pharmacopeia (USP) standards. When choosing nicotine from Nicotine River, be confident in knowing it has been naturally extracted from tobacco plants and never synthetically produced. All of our bottles are HDPE white, opaque plastic, which preserve the diluted nicotine at its peak of freshness. Just remember, how it’s made, where it’s from and the purity of your product matter. Visit www.nicselect.com for more information.
NicSelect Nicotine MSDS Sheet - NicSelect Nicotine COA Sheet - NicSelect Nicotine REACH Sheet
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