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Hi, I’m Doug Teitelbaum, the CEO of NJOY, and I loved smoking. I smoked two packs a day for over 20 years. I was so good at quitting, I did it at least a dozen times.

We both know that quitting is hard, especially if you love smoking the way I did. But I didn’t love the guilt that came with each one. I didn’t love having to go outside to have a butt, and smelling like one when I came back. And I definitely didn’t love being shamed for something that I truly enjoyed. I’ve been successful in almost everything I’ve tackled my life, but I failed at quitting smoking.

But truth be told, I didn’t want to quit - So I decided to Switch instead.

NJOY is for people who, like me, love the satisfaction of smoking, but hate the baggage that comes with it. I also know that switching all at once to e-cigs is probably not the best way to go for most of us. Denying myself that “before-bed smoke” when I needed it didn’t make me want to switch. But there is a way to switch to something that for me was even more satisfying, more flavorful, and let me drop some of the baggage that comes with smoking cigarettes.

I want to help you become an ex-smoker, and to leave the cigarettes and the guilt that comes with them behind. NJOY has the products that allowed me to switch, and believe me I’ve tried everything. So I bought the company to return the favor to help others switch too. Now we are launching the first-ever comprehensive switching program, offering switching tips, video, and most importantly, live advice from other successful switchers who have been through our 'Sherpa Switcher' training program.

I believe anyone can take the journey I took without the shame, the denial, and the frustration. Think of me as NJOY’s “Chief Switching Officer.” It’s my mission, and the mission of NJOY, to provide you with the most satisfying, effective, convenient and reasonably priced alternatives to smoking tobacco, and to help you succeed on your own path to switching.

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