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 If you have or are thinking of giving up smoking, you may have tried many of the numerous nicotine replacement therapies on the market. Unfortunately, they don’t give you the same level of satisfaction from your nicotine cravings, which is why so many people are now turning to using an e-cigarette. With an e-cigarette, you get your nicotine hit from e-liquid which has to be put into the device and allows you to inhale a flavored vapor. The e-liquid flavors from FlavourArt (sometimes referred to as Flavor Art) are numerous from tobacco to sweet, fruit and many other delightful and creative flavors. You will be pleased to know that the ingredients in Flavourart flavor concentrates do not contain any type of Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl and are suitable for vegetarians as they don’t have any kind of animal product or by-product.

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