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 If you have or are thinking of giving up smoking, you may have tried many of the numerous nicotine replacement therapies on the market. Unfortunately they don’t give you the same level of satisfaction from your nicotine cravings, which is why so many people are now turning to using e-cigarette. With an e-cigarette you get your nicotine hit from e-liquid which has to be put into the device and allows you to inhale a flavored vapor. The e-liquid flavors from FlavourArt (sometimes referred to as Flavor Art) are numerous from tobacco to sweet, fruit and many other delightful and creative flavors. You will be pleased to know that the ingredients in Flavourart flavor concentrates do not contain any type of Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl and are suitable for vegetarians as they don’t have any kind of animal product or by product.

If you are getting bored of the generic FlavourArt flavors available for your ecigarette you will find that as well as the usual you can also get a range that differs from the others including yoghurt! All of the FlavourArt flavors have been created to be highly concentrated so that you can enjoy a flavor some vape. They are all created in Italy by FlavourArt from the highest quality ingredients. You can choose whether to smoke them alone or whether to add them to an eliquid without flavoring stretching out the time it lasts and reducing the strength of the flavor. You can rest assured that all of the FlavourArt eliquid flavors have been chosen carefully and put through vigorous testing with your safety and enjoyment in mind. The creators don’t want to be just another generic provider, but the best there is and the first choice for all e-cigarette users.

If you don’t want a flavor and miss the taste of your cigarette or tobacco then you can opt instead for one of the numerous flavors that replicate the taste of your favorite brand. You can even use the customize service to create a flavor of your own by mixing those that you think would work well together. The FlavourArt ready to vape e-liquid flavors can be used without an unflavored base so you can put them straight into your ecigarette and vape away without mess. More and more people are choosing FlavorArt for their vapes because of the quality and numerous FlavourArt eliquid options. The e-liquid flavors are created in Italy in the middle of the beautiful countryside where quality and safety are the main priority next to flavor of course. The money made from the FlavourArt eliquid sales goes partially back into researching the e-liquid flavors to uphold customer safety, confidence and vaping experience.

You don’t even have to leave home to get your FlavourArt eliquid. You can instead order from your computer and have your favorite e-liquid flavors delivered to your door. As well as serving the UK we also deliver worldwide, so wherever you live in the world you can have a great eliquid at your convenience. We supply to individuals and businesses so if you need a larger order for your customers please get in touch. Now that the ecigarette has become a popular alternative to smoking tobacco, customers are becoming more and more inventive and wanting to create their owns which is why we provide a FlavourArt starter kit allowing you to blend flavors to suit your taste.

The e-liquid flavors used with an ecigarette make a great alternative for not just you but those around you. You remove the risk of inhaling tar and chemicals that can cause a huge variety of ailments and instead still enjoy nicotine. There is no longer smoke that people want to protect themselves from but instead an aromatic aroma that will freshen your breath and the air around you. All of the e-liquid flavors are made with the best ingredients blended to perfection and you don’t have to fumble around for a lighter. Using FlavourArt is a great way to reduce the harm caused by cigarettes and make a great alternative to using traditional therapies that in many cases are not sufficient enough to make people quit for good. The ecigarette with FlavourArt eliquid can be used as well as smoking for those times when you just can’t face going outside and also as a full alternative to get rid of tobacco altogether.

In order to get the most from your FlavourArt eliquid you will need to use an ecigarette that is not made from polycarbonate. This is because certain Flavourart flavors can cause the ecigarette structure to crack or cloud. Before using your FlavourArt liquid ensure that the ecigarette is suitable for purpose to avoid disappointment. There are many ecigarette manufacturers that instead use pyrex and plastics that are not affected by stronger flavours so opt for them instead for the best enjoyment and extended life span of your ecigarette.

When you are using any type of e-liquid flavours from our range or another you should always wear gloves that are made from nitrile. This is to stop the nicotine containing eliquid flavours from seeping into the skin giving you more nicotine than desired. You should also ensure you avoid contact with skin and if this takes place wash it as soon as possible and do not drink your FlavourArt, no matter how good it smells it should not be consumed. The bottles that the FlavourArt e-liquid flavours come in are made to be child resistant, however they should still be kept away from children as well as pets as their great taste is for adult use only.

FlavourArt Flavors will give you the ultimate pleasure when you are looking to stop smoking without going cold turkey. The vapor gives you a similar feeling to smoking without the associated risks which is why so many people have decided to make the switch.

All 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz flavor extract bottles come with FREE twist top along with child resistant cap!