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With the dangers of smoking nicotine products being highly publicized many people are trying to stop smoking each and every day. Unfortunately being a highly addictive habit it’s not as easy as just saying goodbye to it. The fact so many of us know how dangerous and expensive it is and still can’t stop shows just how much tobacco products have a hold on a huge percentage of the world’s population. More recently people are taking vaping to the next level with bespoke vaping. Rather than just purchasing the pre-made e-liquid flavors people are making their own. In order to get the right quality you need to use quality ingredients including Flavor west flavors.

One of the great things about the Flavor West flavorings is the fact that there are so many of them. Not only can you adapt the strength of the flavor you are also able to mix them together to create your own. If you haven’t made your own ecigarette e-liquid previously then you need to know that as well as the Flavor West flavors you also need to have PG/VG and if you wish nicotine too. The quantities of each ingredient will vary depending on your tastes and needs. Flavor West flavors have been used for many years in America and are now available in the UK and many other parts of the world by mail order. You can buy the mixing ingredients in liquid and powder form depending on how much work you want to put into creating your own e-liquid flavors with your eliquid.

As we all know the price of tobacco products is constantly rising and using an ecigarette with Flavor West flavorings can highly reduce this cost. When you make your own e-liquid flavors you can reduce the cost even more by using Flavor West concentrates to mix to your own preference. In doing this you are able to have whatever flavor you want including your own creation and adapt the amount of nicotine you are vaping with your ecigarette. You can make the flavor as strong or as weak as you like too! Being able to adapt the nicotine strength is a great way to stop smoking and eventually cut the nicotine level down slowly to reduce the chance of side effects such as the craving and irritability, unlike pre made e-liquid flavors where you have pre-set nicotine levels which can be such a big drop you feel that you are having too little or too much nicotine for your needs.

You will be happy to know that even if you don’t feel creative enough to create your own flavors Flavor West concentrates have a whole host of delicious flavors for your vaping pleasure from your favorite alcoholic beverage to blueberry candy floss. The flavors not only leave a nice taste in your mouth, they also fragrance the air with your chosen Flavor West concentrates so that the people around you are not offended by cigarette smoke, yet your cravings are fulfilled. Unlike certain other nicotine replacement products the hand to mouth action of using an e-cigarette is able to emulate the habit you have formed. The vapor created from the Flavor West mix is able to give you fresher breath and people will not even know you vape if you prefer they not know. It’s a great way to get a hit of nicotine on long journeys without affecting others riding with you or making a hire car smell of your cigarette or tobacco product.

When you use Flavor West flavorings you won’t have to worry about whether your clothes, hair and soft furnishings are still carrying the smell of cigarette smoke and visitors will always be greeted by the aroma of your chosen Flavor West flavors. Vaping is seen as more sociably acceptable and can either replace a few of your daily cigarettes as you cut down slowly or replace them altogether. As well as the Flavor west concentrates specifically for mixing with nicotine, you can also opt for the natural flavors which have nothing artificial and are suitable even for use with food. This means that you can add your favorite natural Flavor West concentrates to your beverages so long as you have not added nicotine or other additives that are not to be ingested. You can also add caffeine to your Flavor West flavors which allows you to get an energetic hit while you vape. Much safer than using energy drinks to keep you alert when you need an extra kick.

By making your own e-liquid flavors you know exactly what is going in to your liquid before you use it with your ecigarette, which has been a concern with people that are new to vaping and know very little about it. By switching to vaping an e-cigarette and using Flavor West flavorings you could shake yourself of a habit that you have been unable to as of now. The action of the vapor and hand to mouth action is so similar to smoking that it has been proven extremely effective in helping people to quit and cut down smoking that have tried and failed numerous times before. Having different e-liquid flavors means that you will never tire of a specific taste and you will never run out of combinations if you choose to make your own using Flavor West. If you are going to give up smoking why not choose something that has helped many people already, is enjoyable and better for your health? When you give up smoking and opt for an ecigarette instead you will be able to taste your foods better and give your lungs a much needed rest from smoke inhalation. You could experiment with e-liquid flavors with your friends and family who also use an e-cigarette, or keep your new flavor inventions to yourself for your own pleasure.

Never has there been such an effective smoking replacement without the associated smoking risks and also enjoyable. With each cigarette you don’t smoke as a result of using Flavor West flavors you could be adding years to your life while reducing the risk of numerous health problems. What have you got to lose besides a bad habit that has been holding you back all this time? 

All 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz flavor extract bottles come with FREE twist top along with child resistant cap!