Capella Flavor Drops

Capella concentrates are versatile drops that can be used to flavor food but also to vape with. They can be added to beverages such as tea or coffee to give them added flavor and even to desserts and other recipes. This makes Capella flavors great for people that want to vape without worrying about what they are inhaling when looking for a tobacco free alternative to smoking. The beauty of using food safe Capella flavor drops is that you are able to adapt your e-liquids to the strength of nicotine and flavor that suit your tastes and needs. More and more people are deciding to create their own rather than purchasing pre mixed which gives them more versatility. If you have a favorite dessert you like to add the flavor too why not use them in your e-cigarette so that you can enjoy the taste sugar and calorie free?

When you use Capella flavor drops to stop smoking or curb your appetite you can enjoy the taste of Capella vanilla custard without worrying about it touching your thighs or ruining your diet. It could just become one of the most enjoyable versatile products in your house. Most of the e-liquid flavors have preservatives which are to give them a longer shelf life and are diluted making them unsuitable for safe e-liquid creations of your own. Capella Concentrates are made with the best ingredients possible of the highest quality. There is no added sweetener, caffeine or other types of flavoring that are not honest, just pure concentrate that is not only safe for vaping but also safe for use in foods. How many other e-liquid companies can say that?

If you do want/need the nicotine you can add it by using a base mixer and adding one or more of the Capella concentrates and create your own flavor. There are so many different Capella concentrates available the world is your oyster and you can create anything your imagination comes up with. The Capella Vanilla custard is extremely popular as many people use it not only for their e-cigarette vaping but also in their coffee and dessert recipes. It’s such a small bottle that it can be taken anywhere and used in a variety of preparations. If you have allergies to peanuts or want to steer clear of corn and corn syrups you can rest assured that the Capella e-liquid flavors are free of both. They are even great for vegetarians and vegans whether for religious or conscientious reasons as they contain no animal derivatives at all and have only ever been tested on other human beings.

If you are trying to cut down on your caffeine why not try the cherry cola Capella e-liquid as it will give you the flavor you love without the calories or sweeteners. The concentrates when vaped create a safe and beautiful aroma that even non-smokers will be happy to be around. Unlike cigarettes and tobacco there is no smoke to stain your teeth, tongue and fingernails or accelerate the aging process. Your furniture and clothing will no longer have that tell-tale ash tray smell and when driving anyone using Capella Concentrates as their e-liquid flavors will have a more comfortable ride as will the non-smoking travelers.

Imagine being able to use chocolate fudge brownie natural flavors in both your ice cream, hot chocolate and your e-cigarette? Why not add the Capella Vanilla custard for a full dessert option that is calorie and fat free? You could use the numerous flavors to fragrance your home too or make water more tolerable if you are looking for a way to increase your fluid intake but are bored of water. If you can think of a desirable flavor the chances are Capella Flavor drops have it and if they don’t you can use one of the online Capella e-liquid flavor recipes to create your very own.

The media has gone crazy debating the use of the e-cigarette and there has been a lot of questioning over its safety and effectiveness to replace cigarettes. The e-cigarette has been the biggest breakthrough in being able to create a suitable alternative to smoking and the health effects of the addictive habit without spoiling the enjoyment. In fact with Capella Flavor drops the enjoyment is multiplied and users are able to add and reduce the amount of nicotine they have in their e-cigarette until it is nothing.
Unlike cigarettes when using Capella e-liquid flavors you are not going to be inhaling more than 4000 chemicals including 50 carcinogens which are known to cause cancer. You can still have the nicotine your body craves without risking filling your arteries with tar and numerous chemicals and the popularity of the e-cigarette used with natural Capella is rising by the day. It’s not only the fact that it is a healthier habit to have, but also the fact that the cost of using an e-cigarette and Capella flavor drops is considerably less than purchasing cigarettes and other tobacco products. Most smokers are given nicotine alternatives that they cannot regulate as well as using Capella concentrates with a base e-cigarette liquid so that they can accurately reduce the amount of nicotine in a manner that suits them best.

The cigarette alternatives available in chemists are also expensive and something that many smokers cannot justify giving up their addictive habit for, especially as the effect they get from them is nowhere near that of the cigarettes they have become accustomed to. The Capella Vanilla custard drops and other e-liquid flavors can be used in conjunction with cigarettes as you cut down or as a replacement altogether. Using Capella concentrates with a modern e-cigarette will give you the hand to mouth action you are used to and the vapor makes you feel as though you have had a full drag. The flavor leaves behind a taste and smell that lingers but is pleasant rather than offensive as cigarette smoke can be to both smokers and non-smokers.

All 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz flavor extract bottles come with FREE twist top along with child resistant cap!

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