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March 09, 2017

do-it-yourself e juiceWhether opting for do-it-yourself e juice, or purchasing it pre-blended, enjoying your e-cigarette should be a relaxing experience. Keep your vapor in line with your vibes by selecting nicotine e liquid flavors that fit your current mood.

Your Mood: Happy
Your Flavor: Lemon
On bouncy days like this, keep your flavors as zesty as you are. A sweet or sour lemon juice will freshen up your already cheerful disposition. Add variety throughout the day with citrus flavors such as grapefruit and orange.

Your Mood: Cozy
Your Flavor: Chocolate or Vanilla
Whether you're spending the day curled up with a book or seeking warmth in bad weather, turn to sweet, indulgent flavors. Nothing is cozier than classic chocolate and vanilla. Pastry-inspired liquid nicotine flavors can also add a little warmth to your day, reminding you of cookies in the oven.

Your Mood: Youthful
Your Flavor: Bubblegum
Feeling nostalgic? Remember your bubble-blowing days with a bubblegum flavored e juice. If chomping on sugary gum was not your style, enjoy a soda-inspired flavor instead to bring back those summer days sipping on cola.

Your Mood: Serious
Your Flavor: Coffee
Let the flavor of your morning cup last all day. Whether your day is productive or leisurely, let a coffee flavored juice carry you through. Whether you are a black coffee type or prefer blended options, explore Nicotine River's Flavourart options to pour your perfect cup.

Your Mood: Carefree
Your Flavor: Peach
If you're feeling just peachy, opt for a fruity vape juice with nicotine from our product lines. If your mind is at the beach, consider a tropical flavor such as pineapple or rum.

Your Mood: Festive
Your Flavor: Peppermint
If the winter season has you whistling holiday tunes, compliment your carols with a peppermint e juice. What is more festive than vaping a candy cane?

Your Mood: Sweet
Your Flavor: Strawberry
Choosing this classic fruit will capture that sweet feeling inside. Other berry flavors, such as blueberry and raspberry, are alternatives to this sweet summer fruit.

If you are one of the almost 4% of adults who use e-cigarettes daily, or even just some days, keep your vaping interesting by pairing your e juice flavor with your mood. If your day has you feeling mixed, get creative with do-it-yourself e juice.

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