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July 05, 2017

vape liquid with nicotineIt probably won't surprise you that there are quite a few myths floating around about vaping. You may have read false statements on the internet or been warned by friends about the alleged dangers of vaping. Fortunately, most of what you hear is not true. The following are just some of the myths that you may here about e cigarettes. We're here to debunk them so you can vape liquid with nicotine in peace. 
  • Vaping leads to cigarette smoking. The "gateway smoking" myth suggests that people who start vaping will eventually switch to cigarettes. In fact, the opposite in true. In an international survey, 72% of e cigarette users said that vaping helped cut cigarette cravings and 92% said that they smoked fewer traditional cigarettes. A mere 10% said that vaping made them crave smoking tobacco.
  • Vaping has the same health effects as smoking. Vape liquid with nicotine simply contains fewer chemicals than traditional cigarettes, so it does not carry the same health threats. A Greek study found that traditional smokers had a much greater risk for elevated heart rate and blood pressure than vapers.
  • Nicotine e liquid contains anti-freeze. Propylene glycol is often used in e liquid, and it is also an ingredient of anti-freeze, but that does not mean that it your liquid nicotine literally contains anti-freeze. Propylene glycol is widely used in food and cosmetics as well.
  • Vape companies target their ads at kids. As with tobacco and alcohol companies, the vape industry must also comply with an age limit. Consumers must be at least 18-years-old to purchase and e cigarette, and it is illegal to give a minor an e cigarette as well. Any legitimate company will not target their marketing towards children.
  • E cigarettes are explosive. Another common myth is that e cigarettes tend to explode in users' pockets. As with any electronic, vapes do not simply combust on their own. Most of the time, vape batteries explode because the vaper used too high a wattage, put the batteries in contact with other metal objects, or other user errors.
When you hear a fact about vaping that sounds false, be sure to do your own research to inform yourself on the truth. Vaping often gets a bad reputation because of misinformation. By actively debunking these myths, you can encourage others to enjoy their vape juice with nicotine guilt-free.

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