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September 22, 2017

Once you pack up your clothes and gear for your next big trip, the next step is to pack up your e cigarette and nicotine solution for e liquid. But depending on your destination, you might need to think twice about where you puff your favorite Capella concentrates. Even though Public Health England Estimated that e cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco, some countries may not be on board with your cloud puffing. This is what you should know about some of the world's most popular vaping destinations.

The land down under has long been a popular travel destination for it's sunshine and abundant wildlife. If you are heading to this part of the world, you can bring your e cig but you won't be able to find any nicotine e liquid. The law does not regulate the sale of non-nicotine e liquid, so you should be able to find that.

Known for it's stunning landscape and charming cities, Switzerland might be calling your name. Just be prepared to keep your e cigarette at home. Vaping is currently illegal there. 

Costa Rica
When beach hopping in this tropical nation, you'll be able to use your e cigarette in public spaces. The vape industry is regulated to a point, so you will be able to buy them, but you won't notice any advertisements around. 

While smoking tobacco is relatively popular in Thailand, the use of e cigarettes is actually banned. So enjoy your favorite do-it-yourself e juice before you board the plane. 

The regulations in Japan are similar to that of Australia. As long as you skip your nicotine solution for e liquid, you should be good to puff away during your vacation to this beautiful country. 

The Argentine government is not convinced that e cigarettes are safe for human consumption, so they actually banned the practice in 2011. The import, distribution, and advertisement of these products are illegal, so you won't find these around.

No matter where you are traveling, it's always important to be aware of laws and regulations that might affect you. And for vaping enthusiasts, it's a matter of respect to know where you can and cannot enjoy your e cigarette. Remember that even if you have to put it away for a bit while you travel, you can always pick it up again once you get home.

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