July 07, 2017

flavor apprentice recipesGetting bored of the same vaping routine? While you can shake up your habits by trying new flavor apprentice recipes and flavourart, you can also give vaping tricks a try. Some may argue that tricks should be left to the pros, but even vaping newbies can try these at home. The following are just a few of the most popular vaping tricks to boost your clouds.
  • Vape Rings: If you have seen anyone show off their vaping tricks, you have probably seen someone blow O's. To do this trick, take a pull from your e-cigarette and hold it in your throat. Hold your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and make a ring with your mouth. With your throat, push a bit of vapor out with a small coughing motion. The vapor should exit your mouth as a ring.
  • Dragon Exhale: This cartoonish trick is another classic vaping trick. Pull a long drag from your e-cigarette, letting the vapor accumulate in your mouth. Avoid exhaling anything until your can feel that you have a thick cloud. Use force to exhale through your mouth and nose at the same time. If executed well, you will blow vapor out of your mouth and both nostrils like a dragon.
  • Ghost Inhale: Also known as the mushroom cloud, this trick mimics the motion of a ghost. Take a long drag from your e-cigarette and keep the vapor in your mouth for just a few seconds. Push all of the vapor out of your mouth at the same time to it releases in the shape of the ball. Then quickly inhale the ball back into your mouth.
  • French Inhale: This trick is also called the Irish Waterfall because it looks like a waterfall moving backwards. To master the french inhale, take a drag and hold it in your mouth for a moment. Push out your jaw out and allow the vapor to flow out. While the vapor is releasing, inhale it back through your nose.
According to the The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, about 4 million people use e-cigarettes in the United States, so be sure to make your vape game stand out. To improve your chances of executing them well, be sure to invest in quality vaping gear and vegetable glycerin. Higher wattage e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine will help your blow bigger clouds and master more advance tricks. Add your favorite flavor apprentice recipes to make the tricks tasty as well.

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