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August 21, 2017

If you've decided to give up smoking in favor of e-cigarettes, your motivation might be the fact that you can vape, using the nicotine base for e liquid of your choice, in places you couldn't smoke before. Around 40% of those who use e-cigarettes say that they made the switch due to lower costs and the fact that these products can be used indoors. But even though it may not be as obtrusive as smoking, some people still have a big problem with vaping. From five-star restaurants to the average workplace, you might be looked down upon for using your e-cigarette and e liquid nicotine.

So what's the solution? Stealth vaping.
In public places where e-cigarette users often get looks of disapproval, stealth vaping can allow you to still get your fix without producing vapor clouds that will annoy people around you. It's not a practice that's intended for situations that explicitly prohibit vaping (like airplanes). Rather, it's a technique that can help you minimize the discomfort of others (and judgment from them) without sacrificing your own needs.

What does stealth vaping involve?
When you stealth vape, it looks like you're using a nicotine inhaler. Normally, when you use an e-cigarette, you'd exhale the vapor and produce those clouds. But with stealth vaping, you essentially hold the vapor longer so that it all but disappears before you finally exhale.

How do you stealth vape?
Techniques vary from person to person. Some people like to inhale a bit of air after taking a puff of their e-cigarette or like to exhale vapor slowly through their nose. Others opt to exhale into their sleeve or shirt, or into a cup, to minimize vapor cloud formation.

Newbie Tips For Stealth Vaping
  • Use the right e-cigarette -- Starter kits are less powerful and produce less vapor to begin with, but advanced e-cigs can work well for stealth vaping, too. Look for a device that has a smaller battery and a high resistance coil.
  • Use the right e liquid -- Higher vegetable glycerin levels will produce more vapor, so you'll want to look for an e-liquid with a higher propylene glycol concentration. You may also want to look for a higher level of nicotine base for e liquids if you vape at a higher wattage. Finally, just use unflavored nicotine base for e liquid rather than adding in obvious scents.
  • Hide your mod -- All of your efforts to conceal the vapors won't do much for you if it's obvious you're holding an e-cigarette. Smaller setups are usually easier to hide. Don't forget to cover the light-up button. Make sure to think about your choice of clothing if you're planning on being in a situation where you have to stealth vape. Dressing in layers or bringing along a long-sleeved shirt or hoodie can help.
It can take a while to get the hang of stealth vaping. A lot of e-cigarette users like to practice at home in the mirror first. But once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to quietly get your fix without inconveniencing anyone else around you.

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