July 19, 2017

vape juice with nicotineKicking back and puffing your vape juice with nicotine may have you wondering why anyone would ever pick up a cigarette. But for some people, it's not that simple. Knowing the benefits of vegetable glycerin and nicotine e liquid over chemical-filled cigarettes may not be enough to quit smoking, but it can be a start. Use this guide to know what to say to your friend who is trying to kick their smoking habit. 

Instead Of Saying This..."Ewe, that's gross."
...Say This "My vape flavor tastes great. Want to try?"

Positive energy goes a long way. Instead of putting down your friend's habit, talk about the benefits of the alternative. This way, you don't risk them getting defensive. Remind your friend that there are more than 250 e cigarette brands with seemingly endless flavors to try.

Instead Of Saying This... "You need to stop smoking."
...Say This "How can I help you quit smoking?"

If you are interested in helping your friend, then that's what you should be doing. Opening with a question like this allows them to say what they want from you, because chances are they already know that they should quit. You might be surprised by how specific their answers are. 

Instead Of Saying This... "I'm just going to start hiding your cigarettes."
...Say This "Hey, I bought you this starter e cigarette."

Give your friend the tools they need to quit rather than taking away their original vice. Remember that quitting rarely happens overnight. They might need to slowly replace their smoking habit with vaping before they see results. And some tasty DIY e liquid probably won't hurt.

Instead Of Saying This... "I can't believe you've picked up smoking again."
...Say This "What do you think triggers you to smoke?"

As with any recovery process, setbacks happen. When your friend picks up a cigarette again, help them get to the root cause rather than shaming them for it. This approach will build up your friend while they restart their quitting journey.

Dropping a smoking habit is not easy. But with the right support system, a healthy supply of vape juice with nicotine, and the best DIY e juice, your friend can make the switch as smoothly as possible. Patience and support can go a long way when it comes to big lifestyle changes like this.

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