July 12, 2017

vegetable e liquidThe vaping and e-cigarette markets are growing rapidly, predicted to reach $53.8 billion by 2025. A lot of cigarette smokers are switching over to the new style of nicotine consumption. One of the key reasons behind this is that it's healthier than traditional cigarettes, with Public Health England estimating that e-cigarettes and vapes are approximately 95% less harmful than tobacco.

But there are even more benefits with healthier options when using vapes or e-cigarettes, like vegetable e liquid.

Unlike a blended mixture vape liquid that uses both propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), a purely vegetable glycerin liquid can be the best choice for vapors. The vegetable glycerin pure liquid is still a nicotine e liquid, or vape liquid with nicotine, but gives a thicker vapor with more flavor that lasts longer than other sources.

A purely vegetable e liquid also gives a better "hit," as PG has a tendency to thin the vapor, and so it dissipates quickly in the throat. This offers only a slight hit and a diluted sensation. VG, on the other hand, doesn't dilute the sensation and lets it last longer in the throat.

One of the main reasons that the two vapors are mixed is actually because PG causes allergic reactions frequently. But when it's diluted with VG, those reactions become less likely to occur.

That means that it's much easier on the body, as not many people have an allergic reaction to VG, thus giving you the ability to breathe easier and not suffer an irritated throat.

Individuals that suffer from asthma or other breathing difficulties should avoid PG bases when possible. There are plenty of e-liquid companies that offer fully VG bases for individuals that suffer these issues and yet still want to vape. It's the best solution for the problem.

If you have any questions regarding VG or VG based vapors, or just vape liquids in general, please feel free to contact us. We'll be glad to help you find the best options for you moving forward.

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