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January 08, 2018

Did you know that roughly 80% of people in a survey identified vaping as "a good way to help people quit smoking"? This certainly seems to be true for many people who have entered the vaping world as a direct result of cigarette smoking cessation. The benefits of quitting tobacco extend past the health front, too. It can be much more cost effective to vape, especially when you make a do-it-yourself e liquid. Costs plummet and you get to have customized flavors that are tailored to your preferences. What happens, though, when you find a store bought juice flavor you really like?

DIY E Juice Recipes
One of the most sought-after premium juice recipes is a richly sweet and flavorful blueberry and raspberry mix with the rest of the formula kept under lock and key. Replicating a popular recipe for yourself so you don't have to pay premium prices can be a tricky process, but if you fine-tune your palate you will start to find the right mixture of flavors. Here is a rundown of potential ingredients in this premium juice.

Blueberry: This is one ingredient known to be a part of the mixture, but there are many different companies that make blueberry flavors. We also don't know exactly what ratio of blueberry to include. Most attempts at making a clone suggest to use more blueberry. One ratio often suggested is 14% for blueberry. Top contenders for blueberry flavors are Blueberry Wild by TFA and Loranns Blueberry which mimics the purple color. 

Raspberry: The sweetness of the premium juice is often theorized to come from the raspberry, but Raspberry Sweet by Flavor Apprentice is not right. Try FlavourArt Raspberry in about half to a quarter of the amount that you used for blueberry. If you are using 14% blueberry, try using 3-5% raspberry. 

Magic: Some popular blueberry raspberry flavors actually list "magic" as an official ingredient on the label. While that may be a great branding technique, it's not very helpful for anyone trying to blend up DIY e juice. This might seem like nothing to go on, but this presents an opportunity for you to experiment, and there are rumors about what exactly that "magic" flavor really is. 

First, dragon fruit. This is where some people believe the characteristic in-your-face sweetness comes from. Second, sweetener. It would make sense for this to be the case, but some people detect a flavor outside of simple sweetness. If you are going to use sweetener, use very little; it can gunk up your coils. Third, Magic Mask. This is an additive that changes the way your mouth feels when you vape. The main reason people think this is the 'magic' is that magic is right there in the name. 

Cloning a recipe is pretty advanced and can be frustrating at times. The above ingredients are the current working theories for this premium blueberry/raspberry mystery recipe, but the world may never know... If you would like to try your hand at making a do-it-yourself e liquid, check out our flavor concentrates and additives for more flavor chasing fun.

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