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March 31, 2017

nicotine solution for e liquidIt seems that more and more people are using e-cigarettes these days -- those slim and discreet vessels that are easily slipped inside a pocket or a purse. There's a host of benefits for those who use e-cigarettes and the flavors seem to be limitless. Smoking an e-cigarette is often known as "vaping" and retail stores or other outlets have popped up all over where you can purchase a starter kit. You will need a device, battery, and cartridges to power your e-cigarette device, and of course, the e-liquid. Liquid nicotine is available to add into the e-liquid. You can even purchase nicotine solution for e liquid and make your own e-juice, if you're interested in customizing what you smoke. You can purchase a DIY eliquid kit and nicotine e liquid to get started.

What's an E-Cigarette Exactly and Who's Using Them?
An e-cigarette is an electronic device that delivers a flavored liquid in the form of a vapor -- hence the term "vaping." Instead of inhaling smoke, as with a regular cigarette, the person inhales the vapor. Depending on the e-liquid, it can have propylene glycol, glycerine, different types of flavoring, and nicotine (though not all e-liquids have nicotine). If you're vegetarian, a vegetable e liquid or vegetable glycerin is available for use in your e-cigarettes as well.

There's a huge market for e-cigarettes and vaporizers, that's only continuing to grow. The market is supposed to grow at an annual rate of almost 22% and hit almost $54 billion by the year 2025. A lot of young adults use them, though they're also popular for cigarette smokers trying to cut down on the habit. According to The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, around four million Americans currently use e-cigarettes.

Just under 4% of adults used an e-cigarette every day or just some days. About half of current cigarette smokers and over half of recent former smokers have used an e-cigarette and almost 16% of current cigarette smokers also use e-cigarettes. Over 20% of recent former smokers use e-cigarettes now.

So What are the Benefits of Using an E-Cigarette?
E-cigarettes can be much lighter on the wallet than regular cigarettes. Those who smoke a pack a day spend over $1,000 annually to satisfy their nicotine craving, and an e-cigarette is often considerably cheaper. In some cases, e-cigarette users can save as much as 75% by switching to e-cigarettes.

According to Public Health England, e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to users than tobacco. The tobacco, tar, and other harmful poisons that are often found in cigarettes are eliminated with e-cigarettes. You don't have to worry about smoke or ash and there's less of an smoker's odor around you. If you're worried about your teeth becoming stained from cigarettes, an e-cigarette can help alleviate those worries.

It can also be a good transition from smoking regular cigarettes. Around 80% of those who took a survey said they thought vaping was a good way to help smokers quit their habit. A large international survey was also conducted among current and former smokers of e-cigarettes and those who had never smoked an e-cigarette. Over 70% responded that e-cigarettes had helped them handle cravings and symptoms of withdrawal better and over 90% said they had cut down on their smoking when using an e-cigarette.

How Does the Nicotine Solution for E Liquid Work?
The atomizer in the e-cigarettes acts as a heating coil, which heats the e-liquid in your cartridge, producing the vapor you inhale. You can often find e-liquids that have nicotine in them, but if a favorite e-liquid doesn't have nicotine, you can always get a nicotine solution for e liquid to add in yourself. There are multiple retailers, both online and in physical stores, where you can purchase the needed nicotine solution for e liquid, to blend with your favorite flavor.

Save money and feel better when you switch to an e-cigarette. If you're trying to kick your smoking habit, transitioning to an e-cigarette might be a gentler -- and more successful -- way of doing so, instead of just quitting cold turkey.

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