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April 03, 2017

do-it-yourself e liquidYou vape your do-it-yourself e liquid to add a little bit of chill and flavor to your day. To make sure that your e cigarette is working at its best, it's important that you clean it regularly, removing any nicotine e liquid buildup and debris. Follow these easy steps to clean your e cigarette and have it back in your pocket in no time.
  1. Set up. Choose a clean table and put everything you need in front of you. Lay down an old newspaper to keep the table clean and have plenty of paper towels on hand. Be sure that you have a garbage can or small container to dispose of any old e liquid nicotine.
  3. Disassemble. Carefully unscrew the atomizer from the battery terminal, nicotine tank, and mouthpiece. Place the parts in front of you.
  5. Clean the battery terminal. Use a cotton swab to clean the battery terminal with a combination of rubbing alcohol and water. Remove any debris front the inside, using a toothpick or other sharp object to pick off any stubborn gunk.
  7. Clean the atomizer. Start with a dry cotton swab or paper towel to wipe off the inside of the atomizer. Gently blow inside to flick out any debris. If this doesn't seem to be working, wet the cotton swap with rubbing alcohol and water, following a similar process as the battery terminal.
  9. Let the parts dry. This step is very important. You want to avoid moisture buildup inside of your e-cigarette, so make sure that all of the parts are completely dry before you put them back together. Leave them out on the newspaper or paper towel until you are positive that they are ready for reassembly.
  11. Reassemble. Once you are finished cleaning, screw all of the pieces back together. Test it out with your favorite do-it-yourself E liquid to make sure it is working properly.
According to the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, about 4 million people use e cigarettes in the United States. By keeping your e cigarette clean, your can continue to remain one of these people, enjoying your DIY e juice for years to come. If your vape doesn't seem to be working properly, and cleaning does not solve the problem, be sure to take it in to a local smoke shop and have it checked out. You may need a replacement.

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