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July 10, 2017

flavor apprentice recipesIf your best friend, partner, coworker, or family member has a birthday or other special occasion coming up, gifting can be easy if they vape. There are plenty of fun accessories and gear that you can buy to celebrate. The next time you are shopping for a vaper's special occasion, consider these gift ideas.
  1. A New E Cigarette: For the vaping veteran, consider getting them an upgraded e cigarette. Pay attention to their personal style when making this selection. Are they more modern or do they seem to enjoy a vintage aesthetic? Also be sure to factor in their vaping level. For the vaping amateur, you can find a starter kit with an E cigarette, battery, cartridges foo $30 to $100.
  3. Do-It-Yourself E Liquid: Many vapers get stuck in the habit of using the same flavor concentrates all day. Offer some variety to your friend by giving them a DIY E juice kit. This way, they can mix their own flavors and customize their vaping experience as much as possible.
  5. DIY Gear: If you decide to give your friend DIY ingredients, also be sure to buy the necessary mixing gear. Beakers, flasks, pipettes, gloves, and squeeze bottles are all part of this kit. These materials will help them make their DIY E liquid like a professional.
  7. New FlavourArt Flavors: Your friend, partner, or family member may not think to branch out and try interesting flavors, so consider putting together a package of interesting E juice options yourself. From clove to cucumber, FlavourArt offers every taste you can imagine. If you also vape, ask your friend if you can try some of the flavors together.
  9. A Carrying Case: Give your friend a way to keep their vaping gear organized and their E cigarette in good condition. From hard, lockable cases to smaller bags, there are plenty of organization options available. If they tend to vape on the go, lean toward something that they can slip into their pocket or bag.
Whether you surprise your friend or loved one with a whole new E cigarette or some fun DIY E liquids, they will be thrilled to have new vaping gear to improve their experience. Gifting within the vaping community is a great way to swap tricks, tips, and favorite flavors. Maybe you will receive similar gifts for your own special occasions.

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