January 23, 2017

vape juice with nicotineIt's common knowledge that smoking cigarettes is dangerous. But people will always want to smoke, so they'll just have to deal with the consequences, right?

Not quite. Thanks to vape liquid with nicotine and other E liquids, E cigarette use has significantly increased over the last few years. Today, roughly 3.7% of adults use E cigs at every day or some days and the entire vape market is expected to reach $53.8 billion over the next 8 years.

But Why Are E Cigarettes So Popular?
There are plenty of reasons why more and more smokers are deciding to go with vape juice with nicotine rather than traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes.
  1. Much Cheaper Than Normal Cigarettes -- In the 1980s, smokers could buy a pack of high quality cigarettes for $1. Nowadays, depending on which state you're living in, a pack of smokes can run you anywhere from $8 to $13. Spending that kind of money for a healthy habit would be unreasonable, so it's nearly impossible to justify spending that amount of cash on such a dangerous habit. E cigarettes, on the other hand, have a much lesser month-to-month cost than traditional cigs. The initial starting kit could cost a bit more than a pack of normal cigarettes, but you won't be spending anywhere near that on a consistent basis like those still attached to the tobacco sticks.
  3. Smells Way Better -- Whether you're a smoker or not, everyone can identify the strong odor that comes with cigarette smoke. That stench clings onto anything in its path, sticking to clothing and other items for an extended period of time. E cigarettes do not have that terrible odor and can even smell quite nice for a moment. Because the vape juice with nicotine is in vapor form, whatever smell that does occur is gone within seconds. Some flavor extracts like vegetable E liquid nicotine can even smell wonderful for a few moments as well.
  5. Improved Health -- The main advantage that E cigs have over traditional tobacco smokes are the health benefits. Traditional cigarettes contain a lot of chemicals and have been linked to serious carcinogens.
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